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It’s About How You LIVE Campaign

If you or a loved one was seriously ill or in pain, do you know where you would get information about resources and services that could help you?

Do you have a written plan stating what kind of health care treatments you would want (or do not want) if you could not speak for yourself?

Have you talked with anybody about end-of-life care plans for yourself or your loved ones?
Would you like to do more to help others who are seriously ill and improve the quality of their lives? 
Hillcrest Hospice is launching a national consumer engagement campaign - It’s About How You LIVE – that focuses on improving access to quality end-of-life care.

Since most people are not aware of the need to think about end-of-life related issues, the mission of the campaign is to provide a unified message across the country that empowers consumers to take action to improve end-of-life care for themselves, their loved ones and their communities.

Healthcare provider organizations, local end-of-life coalitions, individual professionals, and volunteers are the trusted voices who can carry this message in their communities.

The goals of the LIVE campaign are for providers, coalitions, professionals and volunteers across the country to:

  • Stimulate dialogue in their local communities about the need for improved end-of-life care.
  • Provide information for consumers about how to access end-of-life care resources
  • Support consumers to take action to improve end-of-life care

The central message of the LIVE campaign is to encourage consumers to:

  • Learn about your options for end-of-life services and care
  • Implement a plan to ensure your wishes are honored
  • Voice your decisions to family, friends and health care providers
  • Engage in personal or community efforts to improve end-of-life care

The vision of the LIVE campaign is for people to be motivated to take at least one step along a continuum of learning, implementing, voicing and engaging in end-of-life issues before a crisis arises.

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