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What is Palliative Care?

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What is Palliative Care?

To palliate means to make comfortable by treating a person’s symptoms from an illness. Hospice and palliative care both focus on helping a person be comfortable by addressing issues causing physical or emotional pain, or suffering.

The point of palliative care is to relieve suffering through pain and symptom management, communication and coordination of your care. Palliative care is provided to people who are facing serious illness and their families.
Palliative care helps the patient and family express their wishes and goals for the course of the disease. Once the goals and wishes are determined, the team provides support and guidance in reaching the goals.

This specialized care is helping individuals and their families understand all possible treatment options, with special emphasis on managing the pain or symptoms that may accompany serious illness.
The role of the palliative care team is to facilitate communication and understanding among the patient, family and providers of care, with the hope that the person and family will experience the highest possible satisfaction with the care they receive

Hospice and other palliative care providers have teams of people working together to provide care.  The goals of palliative care are to improve the quality of a seriously ill person’s life and to support that person and their family during and after treatment.

 Some hospices provide palliative care as a separate program or service, which can be very confusing to patients and families.

Palliative Care Paid For In some communities it may be covered by grants or offered on a sliding fee scale. In other communities it is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance and is handled much like a referral to a cardiologist, neurologist or other specialist.

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